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Chemical Supply

Chemical Supply

SG Watertech are wholesale dealers and suppliers of water treatment chemicals in PUNE, Maharashtra.
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SG Watertech are wholesale dealers and suppliers of water treatment chemicals in PUNE, Maharashtra.

Widely proven STP Culture for Aeration Stabilization


WT 623 is a microbial culture used in aerobic (secondary) effluent treatment systems on regular basis for effective MLSS development and reduction of COD and BOD. The culture consists of blend of microorganisms which are non-pathogenic and fast-growing microorganisms which converts organic complexes into CO2 and water. These micro organisms are non-pathogenic, saprophytic and multiply very fast with good growth pattern. In the aerobic environment, this unique culture converts complex organic matter in to simple micro molecules which are converted to CO2 thereby the reduction in COD and BOD takes place.

The problem of bad odors near the system and problem of Flies and Maggots are minimized during the course of addition of the product.

WT 623 enhances the Aeration efficiency and maintains stability of process with good MLSS due to which the outlet water from the aeration meets the desired COD and BOD levels as per the laid down norms.


  • Appearance: Amber colour liquid
  • pH of 1% Solution: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Gravity at 25 °C: 1.0 – 1.10


  • Improves aeration process
  • Improves MLSS
  • Reduces COD and BOD


WT 623 is completely dispersible / miscible in water. The exact dosage depends on several factors such as type of inlet effluent and dosage will be recommended by our executive. Generally, a dosage level of 40 kg per 40m3 - 100 m3 is applied for the aeration system once in 20 – 30 days depending upon various factors. The product can be topped up in case of shock loads in to the system for increasing the MLSS levels.

Packing Size 20/40 Kg, Keep the Package/carboys closed and away from direct heat and sunlight. 


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